Skype App Brings 3G Calling to iPhone Users


The wait is over, one of the most anticipated iPhone features has made its way to the App store allowing voice calls over Skype while on the 3G network. The latest version of Skype (2.1.2) allows users to make and receive calls using the app on your iPhone. Prior to this major upgrade users could only make Skype calls while connected to Wi-Fi networks, a la Facetime, but this update brings Skype closer to becoming a voice plan replacement.

Skype is now part of the 3G VoIP calling bandwagon, that Fring and iCall belong to, let’s see who wins that battle.

Skype VoIP offers the following services:

  • Unlimited extensions
  • Call blocking
  • Call transferring
  • Call Conferencing
  • Call forwarding
  • Call routing
  • Caller ID
  • Voice mail services
  • Personal Phone Numbers
  • Virtual Numbers
  • Customized audio menus and professional greetings
  • Click-to-Call buttons

So why was Skype late in the 3G VoIP game? The reason behind it is that Skype was focused on improving the service quality before launching the new feature. This is the very reason that you will experience high-quality audio, even if your 3G connection is slow. Similar to Netflix, which adjusts video quality with the fluctuating speed of the internet connection, Skype does the same for audio to ensure that you remain connected regardless of the data quality.

Apart from this feature, there is another useful feature that indicates call quality. This ‘call quality’ indicator measure the connection strength when using Skype. The scale runs from Green (good connection) to Red (poor connection). This helps users understand the current quality level and what to expect during a given a call.

When so much is offered, it is a given that Skype would want something in return. Like one of its new competitors, Google Voice, Skype will be charging for Skype to Skype calls in the coming year (they are free now), nevertheless the prices will be negligible enough for anyone to pay.

Skype’s VoIP service is certainly a big success and advancement in the telecom industry. VoIP is becoming very popular and is one of the fastest growing telephony services ever to gain such high esteem at a quick pace. There are, undoubtedly, numerous reasons why VoIP takes precedence over the traditional telephony service. The primary reason is high-quality calls at a low cost to anywhere on the planet. The second reason has to do with choice. Users are no longer forced to use a service because it is the only one available, internet telephony makes all carriers available to users.

VoIP offers rapid, simple and uninterrupted calls to your favorite destination in the world, while you can stay on the phone for hours. All you you need is a high-speed internet connection to begin making VoIP calls to any location on earth.

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