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UPDATE 10/18/2012: At this time we are no longer accepting guest posts. Thank you for your interest. 

Would you like the opportunity to reach thousands of visitors a day? How about more traffic to your site? GilsMethod.com is quickly becoming one of the hottest destinations for the latest technology how-to guides on the web. We cover everything from the iPhone to Microsoft’s latest products, so there is always something to write about.

If you are interested in free traffic to your site and the opportunity to show off your writing talent, then write for us.

10 Reasons You Will Want to Write for Us

  1. Free Exposure to your site: The Author byline will contain a link to your website. The article will be published with full credit given to you.
  2. Free backlinks from a PR4 site: All of our links are do-follow, so you will gain the benefit of being linked from a PageRank 4 website and ultimately improve your site’s ranking with Google and others.
  3. Access to a rapidly growing list of 1,000 RSS subscribers: As soon as a new article is published all of our subscribers will be instantly notified and will be able to read your guest post.
  4. Free Promotion Via Social Media: GilsMethod is on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. All of your articles will be shared via these social channels.
  5. Featured on the Home Page: The best guest posts will be “stickied” to the home page and remain there for at least 7 days.
  6. Featured on the Sidebar: We will list up to five guest posts on a dedicated widget on our site for additional exposure throughout all pages on GilsMethod.
  7. Long Term Traffic: The Featured section of our blog has a Guest Post category where all of the guest posts will be listed.
  8. Broad Selection of Topics: As we previously stated we generally write about anything and everything related to technology. Visit our Topics list located on the homepage to get a feel for the items we cover. If in doubt, contact us and we can discuss.
  9. Contributing Author opportunity: If you write more than 5 articles for GilsMethod, you will be featured as a contributing author and will appear in the About page of GilsMethod along with other goodies (more details to follow).
  10. Get that warm fuzzy feeling: At GilsMethod our goal is to help others with their technology related problems, whether it’s battling the blue screen of death or trying to fix someone’s issues with their mobile phone, we are here to help.

5 Things We Look For in Guest Posts

  1. Niche stuff: Review the articles we’ve written in the past and take a look at the tags/category list on the home page to get a sense of what we write about. Our focus is technology, so you can write about software, hardware, gadgets, etc.
  2. Unique and original: We want stuff you came up with not something copied from another site or already posted on one of your blogs.
  3. Exclusive to GilsMethod: Don’t submit an article here and then post it somewhere else or modify it to post it to your blog. Instead create a page on your site that links to all of your guest posting activities.
  4. Ability to promote on social sites: Permission to promote article on social sites and other venues.
  5. How-to Guides For the Rest of Us: We try to help the silent majority with all of their computer problems and questions. This means that we are very explicit in the instructions and explanations when writing. When writing, pretend you are talking to someone who is relatively new to computers and doesn’t know what an IP address is.

When in doubt browse through some of the articles we’ve written.

13 Things We DON’T Want in Guest Posts

  1. Sponsored articles.
  2. An article you previously published in its original/modified form on any other site.
  3. Self promotional articles for your product or service – unless the article is a how-to about the product or service you are trying to promote, but please make it more about the how-to rather than the promotion.
  4. Promotional articles about individual products, services, or companies – unless the article is a how-to about the product or service you are trying to promote, but please make it more about the how-to rather than the promotion.
  5. Articles containing affiliate links, sponsored links, or keyword links.
  6. Articles that contain links to unrelated sites.
  7. Misrepresentation of facts or false information.
  8. Copied and modified articles from any site.
  9. Inappropriate, defamatory, or abusive language.
  10. Articles linking to banned sites, adult sites, NSFW (Not Safe for Work) links/images, or redirects. We check.
  11. Copyrighted content (Images/Text/Videos).
  12. Articles that are too short, if it’s less than 300 words chances are that it adds little or no value.
  13. Articles with low quality images,  if it looks bad on your computer screen, chances are that it will look bad to visitors, so please send good quality images with your articles.

When in doubt, ask yourself, “Would I publish this on my website with my name and stand by it?”

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

So you’ve got a guest post that is ready to publish and meets all of the requirements above. Let’s go over the format we are looking for when you are ready to submit.

Article Layout

  • First Line/Excerpt: The first couple of lines will be used to describe your article so make sure that it describes it well. The beginning of the article will also contain the, “Guest post by- line”.
  • Content: The meat of your article, include images, links, and instructions.
  • Images: If you’re using images in the article (which you most likely will), make sure that they do not exceed 570px and that they are legally obtained with proper attribution.
  • About the Author: A little about you with a link to your site. This will appear at the end of the article, if you write more than one article for GilsMethod, the first Author byline you send us will be used. If you wish to change it, please contact us.
  • When in doubt, visit some of the latest articles on GilsMethod for a general idea as to the format I’m looking for.

Submission Guidelines

  • Please make sure your computer has the latest virus definitions/malware protection before sending any attachments.
  • Please send us the article in Word or Writer format. If either format is not possible send the article as an HTML file.
  • Attach images separately in a zip file if possible.
  • Include the information for your social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc. So that we can add you and communicate with you.
  • Send the submission to [email protected] – Please use Guest Post Submission as the Subject line.


When will the article be published?

If you stick to the guidelines above, we will do everything we can to publish the article as soon as possible. However we may contact you to make a revision or verify something, which may delay when the article is actually posted. We will keep you in the loop during the entire process.

Can I modify the article once it’s published?

Yes, just send the revised article, please include a summary as to what the changes are.

Will my article be modified from it’s original form?

If the article requires minor edits, we may do them ourselves and will notify you. If the article is a how-to with screenshots, we may add arrows, etc. to aid the reader in following the instructions.

Where’s my article?

If for whatever reason we do not publish your article, it most likely did not meet the requirements above. If this is the case we will email you to let you know. If however you submitted the article two days ago and we have not contacted you, give us a chance to review it and check back soon.

How do I promote my article?

  1. Promote your article on social media sites –  Submit your article to sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Twitter, and Facebook. If your article is genuine and useful they will share with others.
  2. Tell your readers – Place a link to your guest post on your site so that your readers know about it. You might also want to create a page where all of your guests posts are listed. This will help showcase your writing skills and show others that you are an authority on a given subject.
  3. Send to family and friends.

If there’s something we haven’t covered here or you have any questions, feel free to contact us.