Welcome to GilsMethod.com – Easy to follow technology help, tips, and how-to guides.

The moment I sat in front of a computer I was hooked. I have always had a knack for things with circuit boards and code. Eventually  family and friends referred to me as the ‘computer guy’ which eventually led to the creation of GilsMethod.com.

As the only ‘computer guy’ in the family, calls for help and support seemed to never end, until I decided to start blogging about frequently asked questions and issues on gilsmethod.blogspot.com back in 2005.

I quickly noticed that the new blog was receiving  traffic beyond family and friends and later decided to build a full fledged site and buy the GilsMethod.com domain. This is how GilsMethod was born.

The blog that began as a hobby grew into a passion and eventually my day job. Today I write full-time for GilsMethod.com, produce how-to videos for our YouTube channel (Youtube.com/gilsmethod), guide the Windows.About.com page and write for other online publications.

GilsMethod.com has been featured on sites Digg, Techguy.org, and others.

I hope you find this website to be of great use and an essential resource for all of your computer questions and needs, I also hope that you find the tutorials easy to follow and something to share with family and friends.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about GilsMethod.com. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact me.