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Create a Virtual Router and Share Your Internet Connection with Multiple Devices

Have you ever stayed at a hotel that required you to pay a fee for each Wi-Fi device you used? I recently did. How...

Will the Option for In-flight Wi-Fi Influence Your Next Ticket Purchase?

If you had the choice between a more expensive flight that included internet connectivity for the duration of the flight including overseas and a flight without internet access, which would you choose?
technology while travelling

Tech Observations on a Motorcycle Ride

I would have never thought that I would get so many tech connections and observations during a recent road trip. Tech is truly all around us and even running down the interstate it was very apparent that many things are changing on the tech landscape.
Join Wireless Network with iPad

How to Join a Wireless Network with the iPad

Your iPad probably arrived with the Wi-Fi radio turned off and no way of getting onto the Internet. If you want to get online...