How to Join a Wireless Network with the iPad

Your iPad probably arrived with the Wi-Fi radio turned off and no way of getting onto the Internet. If you want to get online then you will have to enable the Wi-Fi radio and join a network. The how-to below will show you how to enable your Wi-Fi radio and how to join a password protected network. If your network is not password protected (you should password protect it) simply select the network from the Wi-Fi networks list in Step 2 below.

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Note: I used the iPad Wi-Fi 16GB and a WPA2 protected wireless network in this tutorial.

Join Wireless Network with iPad

1. Tap on the Settings located on the Home screen.

Join Wireless Network with iPad

2. Tap on Wi-Fi on the Settings pane.

3. Turn on your Wi-Fi radio by toggling the OFF switch to ON.

4. Since we are adding a protected network that is not broadcasting the SSID, tap on Other…

Note: If the network is listed, click on the network and skip Step 6.

Join Wireless Network with iPad

5. Enter the name (SSID) of the wireless network you are attempting to connect to.

6. Tap on Security to specify the security type used by the network.

Join Wireless Network with iPad

7. Tap on the Security type used.

Join Wireless Network with iPad

8. Enter the password.

9. Tap on Join.

Join Wireless Network with iPad

iPad Joining the Network

Join Wireless Network with iPad

Screenshot of the list of networks including the one we just added…that’s it you’re online now!