The Cloud is in a Storm


Google is aiming for the cloud with the mainstream release of Google ChromeOS, the latest in web-centric and cloud access systems. Google have also released the ideal netbook with which to run the new system on as well, the Cr-48.

Google ChromeOS is the perfect fit for those who spend at least 99% of their computing time just surfing the web, using Google Apps such as Google Mail and Google Docs, interacting with social media services such as Twitter and Facebook and general browsing of YouTube, forums, photo hosting services and many, many more.

The Cr-48 itself is a simple network that features near instant booting, a simplified keyboard and a larger touch pad mouse than usual. This is so you can get online fast (most commonly via a Wi-Fi hotspot) and get surfing immediately. You would use the mouse a lot more to browse and play Flash-based games than you would using the keyboard, so the touch pad is extra accommodating for the intended extra use.

Of course, this comes hot on the heels of the announcement of the Chrome Web Store which is a new Google powered marketplace featuring many free and commercial web apps.

When it comes to cloud access, there has never been more choice and more power available to the user than now, so jump on board and take advantage of the power of the web today!