Make YouTube Videos without a Camera


Anyone that’s used a computer knows about YouTube and its broad selection of user-uploaded videos. Everyone wants to participate in the action, but for some, that’s not always possible. Not everyone has a video camera or even a webcam to record video to post on YouTube. However, YouTube has teamed up with some video create sites like Stupeflix and GoAnimate to help YouTube users to create animated video and have them directly uploaded onto YouTube.  Just simply navigate to to start creating your own personalized videos with photos, text and other free resources.

Once you navigate to the YouTube create page you can select from three video creation services. Stupeflix Video Maker allows you to mix pictures, videos and other content into three different video styles: outline, top 10, or celebrate. GoAnimate allows you to create animated videos quickly and easily, check out the sample video below:

The final video create service integrated into YouTube is the Xtranormal Movie Maker which also allows you to make animated videos, allowing you to select from sets, actors, sounds and stories.

Right now YouTube only has three video creation services available on the Create page, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they add more in the future if this new service becomes well used by YouTube users.