YouTube Matches Congress Members with Video Debates


Tired of hearing all the slandered jargon coming from various news stations about different political interests? How about getting your own political view, right from Congress members about certain topics? You now can with YouTube Town Hall, a place where two representatives go head to head about various topics. Video pages include two representatives, with their name, but not their party. After watching both videos you’ll be shown which party the members are from, which is not always what you think.

Topics include budget, energy, economy, education, Afghanistan and healthcare. New questions will be posted in the future, but if you want to get in on the debate, you can even ask your own question for members of Congress to answer.

You can also see the top videos as voted by you, the people on the YouTube Town Hall Leaderboard. The leaderboard includes the top 5 supported videos. Additionally you can view all of the videos and sort them by issue, party, type of Congress, and state.