Bing Provides Small Businesses with a Primer on Social-Powered Search


It’s no doubt being social can help grow your business  in today’s market, perhaps not as much as search, but its importance is still on the rise. Bing sees this and is working with its search engine, along with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to help out small businesses. Bing is integrating social content right into the search results to help provide better decision making. While putting social content into search engines has been growing popular over the last year or so, the benefits to small businesses hasn’t been revealed until now.

In simple terms, here’s how the process of being social works with Bing

  1. People Share and Like content
  2. Content Goes to Facebook and Twitter
  3. Public Information Comes to Bing, real time
  4. Content Processing and Indexing
  5. Annotation
  6. User Experience

Bing recommends doing some of the following things to help enhance your Bing social search results, many of which will also help your organic rankings as well:

  • Have unique and quality content
  • Get trustworthy sites to link to yours
  • Be popular.  Get links from trusted sites; the more the merrier, especially from higher quality sites
  • Provide fresh content
  • Make it easy to Share and Like content on your website
  • Include links to other, quality sources in your updates
  • Be prepared to change things around, quickly
  • Don’t spam people for Like’s, try and get quality Like’s, instead of ones from “Like Farms”
  • Don’t generate Like’s all in a certain period of time, work to increase the your “Likes” steadily overtime

While your friends are a large part of the social aspects of Bing, the collaboration of friends, upon friends, upon friends, help bring more relevant social searches to you, once again helping to provide better results.