Windows Desktop Search Lotus Notes Add-in

I personally dislike Lotus Notes as an e-mail client, however I am forced to use it in my office where most of my business related e-mail is sent. Aside from having to deal with a piece of software I dislike, I have to put up with its crappy search function, enter Microsoft Desktop Search Lotus Notes Add-in. This add-in allows desktop search to index your Lotus Notes e-mail (a capability that Google Desktop as of this writting still lacks) don’t get me wrong I’m not a fan of Microsofts Desktop Search (I normally use Google Desktop), but at least for my office computer Microsofts product will do. After indexing I was able to search through my Lotus Notes without having to rely on it’s built-in search function. I was very pleased with the search results and found it very effective. If you’re like me and in the same Lotus Notes boat, there’s still hope.

If anyone knows of a Google alternative please let me know.

Download Microsoft Desktop Search

Download Lotus Notes Add-in