Video: How to Rename Your Apple TV

Do you have more than one Apple TV at home? If so you might want to consider renaming your Apple TV’s to something other than Apple TV otherwise you will have a hard time trying to figure out which TV to stream videos and music to. In the how-to video below I will show you how to rename your Apple TV so that you can identify it on your network. I’ve also included the step-by-step instructions below the article show you want to skip the video.

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Hardware used: Apple TV released in 2010.

How to Rename an Apple TV

Step-by-step instructions to rename Apple TV.


1. Turn on your Apple TV and go to Settings on the right.

2. Select General from the menu.

3. Select Name from the General section.


4. Select one of the preset names or…

A. Enter a Custom name.

B. Enter the name you wish to use.

C. Select Done when you have entered the desired name and you are set.

Repeat for other Apple TV’s in your home.