Will the Next Version of Windows be Controlled by Kinect?


The Kinect, less than a year released has already surpassed the 10 million unit mark, giving users a controller free interface for the Xbox 360. While consoles have their limitations people have already started using the Kinect for things it wasn’t intended to do. Microsoft announced that they’re going to be releasing a Software Development Kit for Kinect for Windows sometime in the future and today we’re starting to find out what we can expect.

Jonathan Fay from Microsoft Research showed guests at the MIX a good example of what’s to come from the SDK for Kinect. He demonstrated how you could navigate through the solar system using the WorldWide Telescope using your PC and the Kinect. It’s a pretty interesting video, you can check it out below:

No words yet on the release date of the SDK for Kinect, but you can keep up to date about the project to hear when it’s going to be released by signing up here.