Verizon Set To Fly With 4G Wireless On December 5


It’s true, Verizon will launch its LTE this upcoming Sunday. It’s been a long time coming (over a year in fact), but the network technology that is sometimes referred to as 4G aka Long Term Evolution (or LTE) will be live and offered to many markets. New York, Chicago, L.A. And San Francisco are included in the list of 38 cities of which up to 70 percent will have complete access to the new high speed network.

There will be two options regarding the data plans. One is that you get 5GB of data for $50 or for the heavier user there is 10GB of data for $80. Both of these are monthly plans. However, you will want to keep a watch out as if you go 1GB over your allocated quota you will face a $10 excess usage charge, but you will receive a text message alerts to warn you beforehand.

Within 18 months Verizon expects to expand its coverage so much that the entire country will have some sort of access, with up to two thirds of users being able to take advantage of the newer and faster wireless network. In fact, it is estimated that by end of 2013, more than 286 million people will be able to access the new Verizon LTE wireless network if they want to.

Wireless technologies have certainly improved by leaps and bounds over the last 12 months and at this rate, they are only going to get faster, cheaper and more quota. Enjoy the wireless revolution!

Via TechCrunch.