I Thought Google Learned Their Lesson With Buzz – Now They Force You to Use Google Search with Ugly Backgrounds

This morning I fired up the Chrome browser to get online and check my Gmail and I was greeted by a slow loading Google home page with white text and shadow effects. A couple of seconds later a horrendous image appeared in the background. I knew Google was allowing you to customize your Google Search backgrounds a la Bing, but I didn’t know we were being force fed the new option.

UPDATE 1 – Google will return the homepage to the white background tomorrow, the images will only be forced today.

UPDATE 2 – Looks like Google has set the old search page as default with the option of adding an image background. Thank you Google.

Via Google Help

Note: I mean no offense to the photographer, I just like my Google Search background white.


I tried disabling the background, but the change background window froze on me and when it finally loaded again I couldn’t find an option to disable the background image from appearing. If you choose another picture other than the Google default you will have the option to remove the selected image, however it will return to the Google Search default image…this sucks!


You can remove a custom background, but it will default to the default Google image.

Google, please give me back the uncluttered Google home page…or at least the option to choose it. Thank you.