The HTML 5 Standard Gets a Logo

html-5-logo.pngAs HTML 5 matures and browser adoption grows so has its support. The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium, the folks responsible for setting standards) announced yesterday the adoption of an official logo to represent the latest version of HTML.

This announcement comes at a time when some of the parts of the standard are still in flux, however as more of the standard becomes available and more sites adopt the it, spreading awareness about the standard will help increase its adoption online. So if you’re using HTML 5 or develop HTML head on over to the official HTML 5 website to learn more and download the logo for display on your sites.

I currently use HTML 5 code for embedded YouTube videos, this allows users with iOS devices that do not support Flash video playback to playback the videos I post on this site. How are you using HTML 5?

Via Windows Team Blog.