Will You Switch from Cable to YouTube Live?


YouTube has been known for finding videos that have been posted in the past. It’s a great resource for finding older videos, but it’s just not quite like live TV. YouTube is out to change their “in the past” mentality to current, live broadcasting. While they’ve had a couple of live events in the past, they’ve been on a case-by-case basis. YouTube is out to change this by adding constant live streams available on the new YouTube Live channel, http://www.youtube.com/live.

Now you can always find live television streaming on YouTube and see what’s coming up in the future. Right now you can find the Indian Premier League Cricket from the India Times or you can watch the Impact of the Food Industry on Global Health later today at 5:30PM PDT. This new live platform gives certain partners of YouTube the ability to have live streams, so expect to see more live streams soon.

It’s about time YouTube caught up with the streaming world, since they aren’t the first to offer a service like this. There are plenty of other streaming websites out there and I’m really surprised it took YouTube this long to offer this new feature.