Store Unlimited Photos and Videos in Picasa


Picasa Users have had a 1GB storage limit on videos and photos for quite some time now and quite frankly, it’s not enough storage space for the avid photographer or videographer to share their files. While you can still purchase additional storage with as little as 20GB at $5 per year, it’s not something everyone wants to do. While offering this free storage to users, people have quickly filled their accounts up and have had to go to the route of purchasing additional storage, but now Google has given Picasa users unlimited uploads for photos and videos with a caveat.

Photos that are 800 pixels and smaller as well as videos that are 15 minutes or less now don’t count towards your 1GB limit. These limits should fit within most people’s sharing spectrum, since 800 pixels is good enough for sharing the typical picture. We’d have to assume the 15 minute limit to videos is in conjunction with the 15 minute limit for videos on YouTube, which makes giving free video storage more practical, since this wasn’t the case before.

However, another catch also seems to be that any previously uploaded data still counts towards your 1GB limit, unless you have already purchased additional storage for your Google account. This is great news for new Picasa users and users who have purchased storage, but only good news for current, non-paid users. What do you think? Is this a good move on Google’s part? Share your thoughts below.