Share Your Photo’s Locations with Picasa Web Albums


Sharing photos on Facebook might be fun and all, but it doesn’t quite grasp the real meaning of sharing photos: getting a real feeling for where they were taken. A picture is worth a thousand words, but adding a specific location to that picture is all the much better. Now with Picasa Web Albums you can share specific photo albums with others and let them know exactly where the pictures were taken.

If you bought a phone in the past few years, chances are it has a GPS antenna. This GPS technology, which also can be found in cameras, will track the location of your photos, assuming it’s enabled of course. Once these pictures are uploaded to Picasa you can sort them into different albums, possibly according to the location they were taken.

Previously Picasa allowed you to share all of your photos on your account with others and the location of those photos. This new feature for Picasa allows you to share locations of some pictures, while keeping the locations of others private. This would be a good way to hide your favorite fishing spot, while sharing the location of your trip to the Grand Canyon.

If your photo albums on Picasa already share, or don’t share, your geographic location then when new albums are created they will follow the same method. Otherwise, new photo albums won’t share location information by default.

Do you own a camera with built-in GPS functionality? If so, do you use geotagging?