Can Google Predict this Year’s Oscar Winners?


The biggest award show for films, the 83rd Academy Awards, will take place in just a little over 10 days on ABC, but who’s going to win? Of course we don’t know that yet, but we can make some pretty accurate predictions. Google has now released an Oscar Search Trends website which allows you to easily compare search trends across the all of the Oscar nominees.

Over the past three years, Google Trends has found the winners of the Best Picture to have an increase in search volume for a minimum of four weeks. It also showed that the regional interest was important as well, since New York was the most popular region for all of the past 3 year’s winners.

If we follow the same trends shown by Google, this year’s winner would most likely be The Social Network, then Black Swan and The King’s Speech. The Social Network was trending upwards for five weeks, while the others were only trending up for four.  However, if you take a look at the Fighter’s trends you will notice it also had an upwards trend for 5 weeks, just like The Social Network, but the most popular regional interest was in Massachusetts; interesting to say the least since the main actor, Mark Wahlberg was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. The last film with a highest regional interest in Massachusetts to win an Oscar was The Departed in 2007. This makes it even more interesting since the film was also taken place in Boston and also had Mark Wahlberg in it.

Make your predictions now, but I predict The Fighter will be this year’s winner, according to the data I’ve seen.