Priority Inbox Now Available for All Mobile Devices


Back in August 2010, Google released the Beta Priority Inbox for Gmail; a feature which analyzes your messages and attempts to sort your messages with the highest priority first. There are a bunch of factors Gmail utilizes to prioritize your inbox, but a lot of the signals rely on how you read and reply to different messages. Having Priority Inbox enabled helps people who get hundreds upon hundreds of emails a day or just the average Joe who doesn’t get nearly as many emails, but wants to have an organized Inbox.

This feature has been available on the desktop and Android devices for some time, but never have you been able to access Priority Inbox on an alternative mobile device. Priority Inbox is now supported by most mobile browsers that support HTML5, this includes the iPhone.  All you have to do is setup Priority Inbox on the desktop version of Gmail  and then access Gmail through your mobile web browser, click on the ‘Menu’ screen and you’ll have everything you setup, including the importance markers, from your desktop Gmail right on your mobile device.

Priority Inbox is a nice feature to have on your Gmail if you don’t feel like sifting through all of your messages. The more you use Priority Inbox, the better it will predict what messages are important and which messages aren’t. Here’s a short little cartoon about how Priority Inbox works: