Picasa Improves Mobile Viewing Experience


Google’s Picasa Web Albums allows you to view and share photos online. It has been available for access on mobile devices before, but has been limited to how many photos you were able to view. The limit has now been lifted and you can view as many photos as you’d like. You can access all of your web albums and view all of them straight from you mobile device. Just go to https://picasaweb.google.com/ and check out your photos. Simple next and previous navigation buttons allows you to quickly browse through pictures and share albums with others.

This is assuming you have uploaded photos to Picasa before. If not, visit the site and upload up to 1024MB of free photos.  This storage amount is in shared with your other Google services, so if you have purchased additional storage for Gmail or Google Docs, then you’ll be able to use the purchased storage for images stored in Picasa.

Google charges only $5 per year for an additional 20GB of storage per year and is also available in larger increments, again costing about $5 per 20GB. You can get storage up to 16TB, but it will cost you a whopping $4096 per year.  This is still not that bad of a deal considering the security and stability of  Google’s servers and of course the price of storage from other vendors.