Use Pin My site to Bring Site Pinning Features to Your Website


Pin My Site, Microsoft’s relatively new pinning feature which integrates with Windows 7, users of Internet Explorer 9, and popular websites has become popular over the past few months. Pin My Site allows websites to share more information regarding their site by not only making it easier to connect to, but by giving users notifications about the website that they have pinned.  Websites like the Huffington Post have seen a 49% increase in time people spend on the site when using the Huffington Post pinned site.

Now Microsoft is trying to make it easier for anyone to make a pinned site. Most pinned site setups take less than a day, but now Microsoft is releasing a new site which will allow developers to create a pinned site in 15 minutes or less. shows you the seven easy steps to creating a pinned site:

  1. Create a hi-res favicon
  2. Add a Jump List
  3. Set-up notifications
  4. Use thumbnail preview controls
  5. Let users discover it
  6. Measure your success
  7. Share and promote

The website shows you what to do and gives you some examples of sites and their improvements in the following categories: Games, Media, News, Marketing, Shopping, Social, and Sports.