Use Google Chat to Keep in Touch with Your AIM Buddies


A few years back, Google teamed up with AOL to allow you to connect to your AIM account right inside of Gmail.  Now Google has made this one step better by allowing you to chat with your AOL buddies on different Google services including Orkut, iGoogle and Google Talk on Android devices.  In addition to this service you now don’t need an AIM account to chat with your AIM friends. All you need is their username, which you’ll enter into you add buddies in Gmail as [email protected].  The same works for adding buddies inside of AIM, just simply add your friends Gmail account to your buddy list and you’ll be able to chat with them on AIM.

With all of these updates being made, you’ll no longer be able to sign into your AIM account inside of Gmail. You can now import all of your AIM buddies right into Gmail by using AIMs import feature.