Outlook Hotmail Connector Updated


Using a Hotmail account within Outlook is a much needed service for many users of the web.  There have been some problems in the past and now Microsoft is releasing a much needed update to the Outlook Hotmail Connector, which is now available. This mandatory update fixes a lot of bugs that have been a problem for many. The new version for the Hotmail Connector that you should have is version 14.0.5139.5001. A prompt to automatically update should have already appeared, but if it hasn’t you can download and install either the 32-bit or 64-bit version manually.

The update fixes many problems such as:

  • Many send and receive issues
  • Disabling the Outlook junk email filter for Hotmail accounts. Now the Hotmail server detects junk messages.
  • Issues with crashes when sending meetings using Hotmail Connector and adding a new Hotmail account to an older profile
  • Issues with Windows Live contacts anniversaries and birthdays being shifted
  • Issue that stopped synchronization of the Category property for Outlook contacts with Windows Live

The Hotmail Connector still doesn’t support HTTPS, but Microsoft is working to fix this issue. Hopefully there will be a patch soon enough.