SeniorNet Helps Seniors Learn Windows 7


Technology has been widely adopted by many, but computers and the Internet have been adopted by a younger crowd. Baby Boomers and seniors are less likely to learn about computers and the Internet on their own and often have a hard time understanding how to use them. Over the past 25 years, SeniorNet has been helping older adults learn about computers and the Internet, much of which has been partnered with Microsoft.

SeniorNet is now celebrating their 25th anniversary with a new program called, “Helping Seniors Get Back to Work”. This new program, expected to be announced on May 19th, will include a new series of one hour workshops for older citizens around the country.

Workshops will include ways to help seniors connect with family, such as video chat on Windows Live Messenger, photo albums with Windows Live Photo Gallery and sharing more family memories on SkyDrive. Seniors are expected to learn how to use the PC, Windows 7 and digital photography in a way that makes sense to them, without all of the technicalities.

If you’re interested in attending the anniversary celebration it will be on Capitol Hill May 19th, 2011 from 5pm-8pm