Microsoft Introduces Windows Expert Community


You can find countless forums across the web with people discussing and helping others out on all sorts of topics. Now Microsoft is trying to get more involved within the forum community with its new Windows Expert Community. Windows Expert Community is designed to gather well knowledged computer enthusiasts for a variety of topics. Forums include Communicating, Sharing and Synchronizing with Windows Live, Windows Entertainment and Connected Home, Personalizing, Configuring and Using Windows, and General Topics. Each forum has multiple subforums, so it should be easy to find a category that will apply to your question or concern. These new forums are to help expand the talk of Windows and Windows Live talk.

The Green Button was a forum regarding Windows Media Center Topics and is now fully integrated with Windows Expert community.  If you previously used The Green Button, you will now see that all posts and conversations have been converted over. This new move helps broaden the Microsoft discussion communities to a wider audience.