iBooks Update Brings PDF Printing and More to iOS Devices

IBooks update pdf printing collectionsThe latest version of iBooks released yesterday brings PDF printing support for PDF documents and annotations. The update also allows users to organize their content into collections, so if you have a couple of PDFs for a specific class or topic you can now organize them into a Personal Collection.

Another feature that was introduced with this update is the ability to automatically hyphenate text, this allows iBooks to fit more text on a single page, so you’ll have to scroll less while reading eBooks on your iPhone or iPad.

Apple has also enabled illustrated books to be sold and purchased on the iBookstore, which enables publishers to distribute illustrated children’s, photo books, and more.

Download the update by heading over to the app store on your iOS device, tap Updates and then tap Install Updates. iBooks update to 1.2.1 requires iOS 4.2.