I Have 5 Google Wave Invitations, Who’s Interested?

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I logged on to Wave the other day and I realized that I still had 5 invitations left. The reason there are invitations is because Google Wave is still in limited preview, which means that you need to register and then Google has to invite you in order to be able to use Google Wave. Well, back to the 5 invitations that I have left, I thought it would be a great idea to give my readers an opportunity to get Google Wave right away.

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So how will I decide how to distribute the 5 invitations to Wave? Simple, leave a comment on this post with your real email address (which I’ll need to invite you) and at then end of this upcoming week (12/20) I’ll randomly choose the lucky five. It’s that easy. I also suggest you sign up to our RSS feed using the form below so that you can stay abreast of other upcoming giveaways 😉

Some Guidelines

  1. Submit only one email per person (let everyone have a fair chance).
  2. Use your real email, otherwise I will not be able to contact you if you were chosen and won the invite.
  3. Please no SPAM comments.
  4. If you get an invite, please follow up with me and let me know you received it.
  5. Support this blog by subscribing and spreading the word.

With that said, good luck to everyone! Happy commenting.

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If you have no idea what Google Wave is, head on over to About Google Wave