How to Show the iCal Task List in Lion

If you are someone who relies on the iCal task list to get things done you may be surprised to find that in Lion, the Task list is nowhere to be found.

Don’t worry though, your task list is still there, the thing is that Apple decided to rename it Reminders, so if you’re looking for a task list it is no longer there.

In the guide below I will show you how to display the iCal task list, I mean Reminders list in Lion.

How to Show the iCal Task List/Reminders in Lion

Note: If you upgraded to Lion from Snow Leopard and the Task List in iCal was visible, it should be visible in the new version of iCal.

How to show task list ical lion

1. With iCal open click View from the Menu bar and then click Show Reminders from the menu.

You can also use the ⌥⌘T shortcut on your keyboard to show/hide the Reminders list.

How to show task list ical lion a

The Reminders list will behave much like the Task list in previous versions of Mac OS X, the only difference is that it looks a little prettier and it was renamed.

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Software/Hardware used: iCal running on Mac OS X Lion.