How to Keep Track of 3G/Data Usage on Your iPad

Do you have a new 3G iPad and don’t know where you can find information about your usage? If so you’re in luck. The guide below will show you where you can find your iPad’s cellular network data consumption so that you can stay within limits and prevent overages. In this guide I will also show you how to reset the counter so that you have a fresh start whenever your billing cycle begins.

Software/Hardware used: iPad 2 running iOS 4.3.

Ipad 3g usage 1

1. Tap Settings on the Home screen.

Ipad 3g usage 2

2. Tap General in the Settings pane.

3. Then tap Usage.

Ipad 3g usage 3

A. You will notice that under usage you will see Cellular Network Data. This is where your iPad keeps track of how much data has been Sent and Received over the wireless network (AT&T and Verizon only).

B. If you’ve reached the end of the billing cycle for your data plan it would be a good idea to reset the data counter so that you can keep track of the month’s data usage. To reset the statistics tap the Reset Statistics button.

Ipad 3g usage 4

C. When prompted tap Reset. The counter will be reset to zero, repeat every month to make sure that you stay within your plan’s limits.

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