Make Google Voice Calls from Your Desktop with GVNotifier

google-voice-notifier-make-jump-listWhat started as a notifications app for Google Voice has evolved into a full fledge Skype-like experience for Google Voice. GVNotifier is essentially a Google Voice desktop app that allows users to access almost all of Google Voice’s functionality without having to open a browser window. The latest version of GVNotifier allows for voicemail playback, Windows 7 Jump List integration, contacts list, chat and even calling from the app itself.

The screenshot to the left shows the Windows 7 Jump List for GVNotifier. It lists Tasks that can be performed without opening the application window.

To make a phone call with GVNotifier follow the instructions below.

GVNotifier can be downloaded free for Windows XP/Vista/7 only.

How to Make A Phone Call with GVNotifier


1. Double-click on the contact you wish to call.

2. A seperate window will open for the phone call. Click on the Call button.

3. Click on the number you wish to use to make the phone call. You can use your Google Voice number or one of the numbers you forward Voice calls.

You can also use GVNotifier to chat with your contacts.


With GVNotifier you can access your Google Contact list, Google Voice Call History and Voicemails.

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