Google News Update Streamlines News Consumption


Google News, the aggregator for news around the web, is being given a news-worthy update. The new update helps reduce news clutter and covers more news stories. The first new feature is the click-to-expand, which narrows down the story to the headline, source, time and a short description of the story.  This helps give you more news without clutter, but still gives you the ability to find out more information. Clicking on anywhere but the title will give you expanded information, like the new multimedia section which includes pictures and videos related to the story. Also in the expanded section you’ll now find genre labels which will include stories that are found as an “Opinion” or “In Depth”.

Included in the new update are more top stories, which went from three to six. The first three stories are not personalized, but if you selected the type of news you’d like to receive, the second three will give you more top stories related to your interests. You can change your interests by clicking Edit under the “News for you” section.

The last update to Google News is the default “One Column” design for your news. You can still switch back to the old “Two Column” view if you like.