Google Map Maker Visits Campuses


When Google released Map Maker worldwide nearly a month ago they had a plan on what they wanted to do. Map Maker allows you to edit Google Maps around the world, whether it’s a new road or business or to move something to its correct location. One of Google’s major ideas about Map Maker was to get college students around the world to get involved in mapping out their campuses. Since college campuses aren’t typically mapped out the way they should be, they thought why not give the people who know the campuses the best to edit the maps.

Google has now started a tour around the US to visit college campuses and educate them about Map Maker. Their first stop on the list was the University of California at Berkeley.  A lot of UC Berkeley was already mapped, but students gave their local knowledge by fixing building boundaries, adding campus dorms and moving location markers. No words yet on where they will stop next. I’d had to assume they would be going to larger campuses, rather than small, at least for the time being.

Add your local knowledge to the area you live in by visiting Google Map Maker.