Looking for Gift Ideas? Connect Your Facebook Profile to Amazon

How many times have you been confronted with the problem of trying to figure out what to buy a friend for his/her birthday? You can always use Amazon’s Wish List feature, but that would require that your friend has an Amazon account and keeps a wish list…if that’s not an option then you can tap into your Facebook network using Amazon’s new feature which connects your profile to your Amazon account.

When you connect your Amazon account to Facebook you are providing your Like’s, profile information, and your friends information so that Amazon can recommend gifts for your friends. Amazon even pulls the Birthday information (if available) and reminds you with gift ideas your friends birthdays.

What exactly will you be able to do?

  • Discover Amazon’s recommendations for movies, music, and more based on your Facebook profile.
  • See upcoming birthdays and find your Facebook friend’s Amazon Wish Lists more easily.
  • Get gift suggestions for your friends based on your Facebook profiles.
  • Explore your friends’ profiles and see who has similar interests.

Note: Personal information from your Amazon account will not be shared with Facebook.

To get started, visit the Amazon Your Store Page.


1. On the right pane you should see the Tap into Your Facebook Network box. Click on the Learn more and Connect button to get started.


2. Click on the Connect with Facebook button.


3. If you feel comfortable with the permissions being requested by the Amazon Facebook App, click Allow.


A. Once the connection is made you will notice that Facebook will begin providing you with gift recommendations for friends who have upcoming birthdays. These recommendations are based on your friends profile information and their Likes.


B. When you click on one of your friends you will see a snapshot of their profile within the Amazon site along with gift suggestions based on their Favorite movies.

C. If your friend happens to have an Amazon account with a Wish List, you will be able to see their Wish List and purchase items from the list for them.

So what do you think about this feature? As an Amazon/Facebook user would you connect your profiles?