Use Emoticons to Customize Your iOS4 Folders

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Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use icons to decorate your newly created folders in iOS4? If you’ve got iOS4, a couple of folders, and the iEmoji app installed you will be able to do just that. Emoji has been used to send emoticons for text messages and emails, but fiddling around with folder names led a friend of mine to make a great discovery. If you use the Emoji keyboard to name the folders you created in iOS4, instead of displaying the name of the folder, iOS4 will display an icon…check it out below.

Note: Before you get this working you need to configure your iPhone with iEmoji. Ensure that you add the Emoji keyboard to the iPhone, if you don’t know how to do this, follow these instructions. Once you’ve rebooted your iPhone follow the instructions below. I used an iPhone 4 running iOS 4 for this tutorial and I have confirmed that it also works on 3GS running iOS4.

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1. Tap on the Folder icon to expand the group.

2. Tap on the folder name to rename the folder.

rename-folders-with-emoticons-ios-4 (5)

3. When the on-screen keyboard appears, tap on the International keyboard button (the small globe).

rename-folders-with-emoticons-ios-4 (3)

5. If the Emoji keyboard was enabled correctly you should see the emoticons available from the application appear in place of the regular keyboard. Tap on the emoticon you wish to use for the chosen folder.

rename-folders-with-emoticons-ios-4 (2)

6. When you are done, tap outside of the folder and onto the Home screen to save the folder’s name.

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Enjoy a new way to personalize your iPhone.