Are Email Messages Driving You Nuts? Try Priority Inbox

Do you feel that miss important messages because your Gmail inbox is drowning you with messages? Google does a pretty good job of keeping spam out, but doesn’t do much about alerting you to important messages. That all changes today. A new feature being rolled out by the Gmail team will automatically identify important incoming messages and separate them from everything else.

How? Gmail will be using a number of factors to determine the importance of a message (people you frequently correspond with,  how you interact with certain messages, and some other voodoo magic. Once the feature rolls out you will have a Priority Inbox link along with the other two labels, Starred and Inbox. When you click on the Priority Inbox emails will be grouped into three sections: Important and Unread, Starred, and Everything Else.

What if it doesn’t prioritize correctly? Funny you asked, if an email is incorrectly prioritized or added to everything else you can correct Gmail about its indiscretion. After you do this a couple of times, Gmail combining the magic mentioned above will learn which kind of messages you consider important and which ones you don’t. Simply put, your email should be easier to manage.

I think the video does a better job of explaining this new feature.

How to Enable Priority Inbox in Gmail


1. Go to the Priority Inbox Beta homepage and click on  the Go to Gmail button.

When you sign-in to Gmail you should see the following:


A. If the Priority Inbox tab appears you have Priority Inbox, if not be patient, Google is rolling out the feature to Gmail users this week.

2. Check Show Priority Inbox to enable the feature.

3. Click Save Changes.