Google Voice Frequently Asked Questions

This post is a collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) along with answers about the Google Voice service. If there is a question you feel belongs here, please use the comments form at the end of this post to add it and I will do my best to update this FAQ as soon as possible.

Can you have more than one google voice number?

As far as I can tell you can only have one Google Voice account per Gmail account, but no one says you can’t have more than one Gmail account. If you have two Gmail accounts and two separate Google Voice numbers (1 per account) you need to keep in mind that you cannot route both numbers to the same phone. This means that if you wish to route both of your Google Voice numbers to one cell phone you currently cannot do this.

Via Google Voice Forum

Is Google Voice Free?

Yes. When you have a Gmail account you can visit the Google Voice website to sign up for a free local Google Voice number.

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