Don’t Buy the iPad Yet – Target Plans to Offer a 5% Discount Starting October 17th

ipad-target-amazon Everyone is talking about the iPad’s availability in Target stores nationwide starting October 3rd, however there is little or no mention about some of Targets plans to entice customers to choose Target over other retailers to buy iPads for this holiday season. Target cardholders will be able to purchase iPad’s at a 5% discount which translates to a $25 savings for the 16GB Wi-Fi model and a $41 savings for the 64GB 3G model. This is not a bad offer considering most Apple products are not discounted unless they are being replaced by newer models or when they are purchased used or refurbished.

If you are patient and wait for the October 17th special and get the 5% discount make sure you do pay off the balance the following month otherwise the interest charged will begin to offset the savings Winking smile.

Do you plan on purchasing an iPad this holiday season? If so, what retailer do intend to by it from and why? Please use the comments form below.