Check-in’s & Ratings Simplified in Maps 5.5


With Google Maps being used by over 200 million mobile devices it isn’t any wonder why Google needs to keep updating. Google Maps for Android is getting some new looks with the new 5.5 update which include some new buttons, editing options, and viewing options.

Now on Google Maps you’ll be able to check-in to different places as well as rate places when you’re on a Place page. See the new buttons below:

With last month’s update for location history in Google Maps 5.3, you were able to see your location history for everywhere you’ve been. Now you have the ability to change your home and work locations so you can find out how much time you spend at either place.

The final new update to Google Maps 5.5 is a redesigned transit station page.  You can now see upcoming transit stations better to help plan your route. The redesign includes upcoming departures for different lines, all of the transit lines serving the station, and links to nearby stations.