Apple Previews iOS 5, iCloud and Lion

Steve Jobs returns from his leave of absence to preview iCloud, iOS 5, and Mac OS X Lion. The keynote preceding the Worldwide Developer Conference was jam packed with expected announcements and unexpected surprises.

Here’s a run down of the most prominent announcements in today’s keynote.

Forget iTunes, Use iCloud Instead

Wwdc announcements icloudIf you are sick and tired of being tethered to a PC or Mac with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, the new iCloud service will remedy this.

iCloud is pretty much iTunes on the Cloud. All of your music, apps, movies, and other content is stored in Apple’s Cloud service so that your iDevice is always synchronized and your data is readily available across all devices.

This means that if you lose your iPhone, you simply walk into an Apple store, get a replacement, and sync. No need for a PC or Mac to get your device synced and going again.

iCloud will also bring an end to MobileMe and allow files and documents to sync across all devices.  The new service is expected to launch this fall.

iOS 5 Brings Much Needed Updates to iDevices

Twitter ios5Today’s preview of iOS 5 satisfied most users, but left some (including myself) yearning for more. Rather than redo the OS, Apple has stuck to same look and feel for iOS 5 with the exception of notifications.

In iOS 5 you will find that notifications are less obtrusive thanks to the new Notification Center which sorts notifications by app.

You will also find over 200 new features, but Apple only previewed 10 main features, some of which are listed below.

  • Tight Twitter integration
  • New Notification Center
  • Wireless Sync & Backup
  • No need for a PC/Mac
  • iCloud Services (Photo Stream)
  • and more…

Check out our 10 New iOS Features guide to familiarize yourself with the new features found in Apple’s upcoming mobile OS.

iOS is set for release later this fall, however registered developers can get their hands on a copy today. You can also check out the iOS 5 video from Apple.

Lion Available July Only on Mac App Store

When Lion becomes available this July for $29.99  you will get the best of both worlds. iPad-like usability powered by Mac hardware.

Although Apple didn’t really show anything new for Lion, the new features certainly bring a totally new experience to Macs, so look forward to the upgrade in July.

What did you think about the announcements today? Is Apple headed in the right direction with Lion and iOS 5? Sound off in the comments section below.