Check the Status of Tax Refunds on Your iPhone with IRS2Go

The IRS has just launched IRS2Go, an iOS/Android app that lets taxpayers interact with the IRS to check on tax refund status, tax updates, tips, and more. The app was announced with IRS commissioner Doug Shulman stating that the IRS is committed “to modernizing the agency and engaging taxpayers where they want when they want it.” This includes allowing taxpayers to follow the IRS on YouTube and Twitter.

Taxpayers that file electronically will be able to view tax refund information on their mobile devices within 72 hours of filing. Those who choose to go the paper route could see delays of 3-4 weeks before the same information is available.

The App requires that you enter your Social Security Number to confirm your identity, so for those of you concerned about your privacy and security the app employs encryption and masking technology to protect the transmission of information.

Filed your taxes yet? Check out the status of your refund by downloading the iPhone or Android App (go to Market and search for IRS2Go) to your mobile phone.

Via Journal of Accountancy.