Boost Your Productivity with Social Media?


Can using social media really boost your productivity? A recent survey conducted by MarketTools Inc. seems to lead us to believe that this may be true. The survey was done using nearly 1300 students and professionals above age 18. 35% of people thought that using social media is an effective method of communication with colleagues, clients, and vendors.

Another 19% also agreed that social networking has helped them meet people online which have turned into valuable business relationships offline. That’s almost 1 in every 5 people have used social networking to help out their business. While social networking isn’t really the key for everyone out there, it certainly can be beneficial for the right candidates.

Microsoft is trying to help users out by integrating social networks like Facebook and Linkedin right inside of Outlook.  The Outlook Social Connector, as it’s called, can help build better business relationships with both people inside and outside of the company.

Microsoft has already seen companies using the Outlook Social Connector to their advantage, but like all programs there are a time and a place to use them. Microsoft has also given administrators the ability to add or remove which social networks employees can use. Whether or not social media really can boost productivity is in the eyes of the beholder.