7 Tips to Help You Plow Through Hundreds of Daily Emails


Are you the guy or gal that gets hundreds, if not thousands of emails a day? You can’t keep track of the important messages that you really need to get before other emails? If you are this person, or even if you’re not, here are some helpful tricks to help speed up your Gmail inbox.

Use Priority InboxPriority Inbox helps find and sort the important messages for you. Gmail uses your actions with your email, whether you read a message or reply to one, to find out a messages importance. You can also help train Priority Inbox by marking messages more or less important.

Show More Messages – Gmail’s default message view is 25 per page. You can up it to 50 or 100 messages per page, saving you time from switching between pages of emails and allowing you to scan more messages at once.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts – Gmail has a ton of shortcuts. Press the “?” in your Gmail Inbox to see which ones you can use.  Use shortcuts to save time using simple tasks. You can learn them all; it just might take some time.

Inbox Preview – In Labs, find Inbox Preview and enable it. It will show a static preview of your Inbox while Gmail is loading your messages.

Send & Archive – In Labs, find Send & Archive. It will send your message and archive it in a single click.

Background Send – In Labs, find Background Send. Whenever you send a message or multiple messages it takes some time to send them. Using Background Send will send the messages in the background, allowing you to go right back into your Inbox to quickly process other emails.

Auto-advance – In Labs, find Auto-advance. This will automatically advance to the next or previous message whenever you mute, archive or delete a message. You can choose which way the auto-advance will go in your Inbox.