5 Battery-Free iPhone Sound Boosters


    Ever wanted battery-free sound booster for your iPhone? Some of the sound boosters we’re going to show have such a high volume, that you could easily call them “horns”.

    These 5 sound boosters increase the sound volume by as much as 13 dB, using an acoustic channel and an amplification “funnel”.

    You don’t have to hassle anymore with recharging as all these sound boosters/horns augment the volume without using any kind of electrical energy.

    1. iPhone Portable Amplifier Horn Stand

    Sound boosters iphone horn

    This booster is made entirely out of silicon and is effective in both standing and lying iPhone positions.The company that produces these horns present them as being recommended for attaching to your bike when you are in a park ride, for example.

    It is also compatible with iPod Touch and previous iPhone versions.

    You can get it at $25 on Vat19.

    2. iPhone Horn Dockstation

    IPhone horn dockstation

    This could be either a single concept or it is someone’s own pleasure as we weren’t able to find too many technical information on it, neither its price. From its looks, we can assess it looking like a hi-fi stereo sound system, also free of external energy.

    3. Clingo Parabolic Sound Sphere

    Sound boosters parabolic sphere

    Looks like an iPhone inside a bowl, but in fact, it’s a sound sphere that plays with physics’ laws. It has a parabolic shape that allows sound to expand more than you could have imagined.

    You can get it for $35 at Clingo.

    4. AirCurve Play

    Sound boosters Griffin AirCurve Play

    Would you pay $20 for a sound volume augmented by 10 dB? Looking at it, it’s even harder to guess how it increases the sound capacity, as it doesn’t seem to have an acoustic form.

    The rubber dock gasket is has internally engineered waveguides that don’t require electrical energy.

    5. iVictrola

    Sound boosters ivictrola iPod Amplifier

    Made-Crafted created a luxurious, imposing horn that is surely not a reach for the average Joe, with its $425 selling price.

    Designer Matt Richmond was inspired his bourgeois device making by an old Magnavox gramophone which he “buried” in a wooden dock.

    Know of other iPhone sound booster for iPhones and mobile phones? Use the comments section below.