How to Choose Where iMovie Projects and Events Are Stored

Using iMovie to edit and create home videos can be exciting and fun, but what if you are saving all of your projects locally and you begin to run out of space.

If you don’t use a hard drive or don’t take the time to select an external hard drive to save your projects to, you will quickly find your Mac’s hard drive struggling to save additional files due to lack of space.

To select an external drive or any drive other than the Mac’s internal drive, follow the instructions below.

Software/Hardware used: iMovie ’11 running on Mac OS 10.6.7.

Imovie project location

1. Right-click the hard drive where you wish the project to be saved.

2. Click New Project from the menu.

Imovie project location a

3. Click the Create button.

Imovie project location b

The new project will appear in the hard drive you initially selected.

Imovie project location c

4. If you wish to move the project from one drive to another.

Simply click and drag the Project from one drive to the other. The project files will now be stored in the drive you selected.

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