Access the Cloud from Your BlackBerry

Using Google for Mobile Devices

In previous articles I detailed how I was able to move from Outlook 2007 to Google’s online services for all of my email and organizational functions. In this article I’ll cover how I am able to access my Gmail, Google Calendar, and other information on the go.

When I started using the Blackberry I relied solely on the built-in email application to pick up emails from my main inboxes. This worked great when I had one computer with Outlook housing all of my messages, however when I bought a desktop to complement my laptop I found myself with the problem of synchronizing two Outlook PST files, once I solved that, I needed a way to access my messages remotely.

After moving all of my emails from Outlook to Gmail I began to use the Gmail application instead of the BlackBerry email application. So far the experience has been great, some of the limitations found with the BlackBerry email client are also found in the Gmail client (no HTML signature, limited attachment compatibility, etc), however the main advantage and reason for the switch was to keep the mailboxes synchronized at all times.

Below I will highlight the applications and settings that enable me to keep my emails and calendar information synchronized online and on my BlackBerry as well as other mobile products offered by Google for mobile users. I wrote this article with the hope that it would increase awareness of Google’s many products and services that are available to BlackBerry users online. If you have anything to add or have any questions, please post them below.

Note: I use a Blackberry 8800 series from Sprint

To view the how-to describing the process for transferring appointments from Outlook to Google Calendar, follow this link.

Using Google for Mobile Devices

Visit with your mobile phone to access the applications pictured and listed below.

Gmail for BlackBerry – Use this to keep your emails synchronized between Gmail and your phone.

Use the following shortcut guide to help you with Gmail on your BlackBerry.

Google Sync for BlackBerry – Google Sync will keep your contacts and appointments synchronized between Google Calendar and Google Contacts.

Google Mobile App for BlackBerry – Keeps your other Google applications updated with alerts, provides quick access to Google search without having to wait for the browser to load, you can even use voice search to perform an online query.

Google Mobile Maps for BlackBerry – A great replacement or complimentary tool for the navigation application that is usually bundled with phones.

Google Talk for BlackBerry – Use Google Talk to chat with friends who do not have BlackBerry messenger.

You will also be able to access the online services below.

Using Google for Mobile Devices