4 Tools to Download Facebook Pictures in a Snap

If you are a Facebook user and would like a simple way to download pictures from Facebook without having to actually go picture by picture, then you need to take a look at the tools I’m listing below. Each of these tools vary in functionality and ease of use, but their goal is the same – to download your pictures from Facebook the simple way. If you know of any other tools out there, please post the links below.

Note: You must have a Facebook account in order to download images. Depending on your friends privacy settings you may be limited to the pictures you can download. Tools listed below are arranged in no particular order.

1 . Photograbber

This application allows you to download pictures in a few steps, it even allows you to download pictures from friends albums.

Download facebook Albums

Windows Download | MacOS Download

2 . FacePAD – Facebook Photo Album Downloader

FacePAD is a Firefox Add-on that will allow you to download your friends’ facebook albums, events albums, and group Albums, en masse, with the click of a button.

Download facebook Albums

Requires Firefox browser- Add-on Download

3 . FaceDown

Download pictures from facebook quickly and easily. With this program you will be able to add the captions and names of people tagged in the picture’s metadata. This information can be used by programs like Picasa, Photo Gallery, iPhoto, and others to help you organize your downloaded photographs.

Download facebook Albums

Since this program’s author was asked by Facebook to cease and desist the distribution of this software you will have to try and find it using a torrent search engine like isohunt.com.

4. Album Downloader – Facebook App

Once installed, the application allows you to download photo albums of your friends on Facebook and save them on your PC.

Download facebook Albums

Windows Download