10 Chrome Extensions Every User Should Have

Google just announced the latest release of its Chrome browser which boasts 1,500 new features powered by extensions like the ones listed below. The extension gallery that is growing by the day is chock-full of extension that will enhance Chrome’s user experience and make the browser the hub of everything on the internet. Aside from the extension capabilities, the new version of Chrome is faster, has built-in bookmark sync, and a host of other improvements over the previous release. Back to the topic of extensions, I’ve been using a beta version of Chrome with extensions for some time now and have found several extensions to be indispensable, so I decided to share them with you.

What’s your favorite Chrome extension?

Note: Each extension listed below will have a direct link to the extension hosted by Google, alternately you can explore other extensions by visiting the Official Google Chrome Extensions Gallery.

1 . Send from Gmail (by Google)

If Gmail is your email client of choice then this is an absolute must have. When in use the Send from Gmail extension will automatically pick up on a any email links you click on within the browser and it will also allow you to send a link of the page you are viewing.

Send Gmail Link

Download Send from Gmail Extension

2 . Evernote Web Clipper

Once you use Evernote, it is hard to go back to OneNote or paper. With this extension you can use Evernote to store your favorite website as a link or the entire page so that you can read it on your spare time or keep it as research. This is an excellent tool to enhance Evernote’s capabilities.

Evernote Extension

Download Evernote Web Clipper Extension

3 . IE Tab (Internet Explorer Tab)

Unfortunately a great number of websites still don’t look good in Chrome as such we have to open up Internet Explorer or Firefox in order to view the page correctly …lucky for us the IE Tab extension will open an Internet Explorer tab within Chrome and save us a trip to the Desktop.

Internet Explorer Tab Extension

Download IE Tab Extension

4. Facebook for Google Chrome

If you’re reading this post, then you are more than likely one of Facebook’s 350 million users, if so then you need to install the Facebook Extension for Chrome. It will give you access to your newsfeed, your status updates, and profile, it will also let you update your status. You get to do all this without having to open another tab.

Facebook Extension

Download Facebook Extension

5. StumbleUpon

Discover the Best of the Web in less time…that’s what StumbleUpon stands for. When enabled it allows you to "stumble upon" websites that have been rated by users with similar interests…the more websites you Thumb Up or Thumb Down, the better job that StumbleUpon does in finding a website you will enjoy. When activated this extension adds a toolbar to Chrome so that you can access SU features.

StumbleUpon Extension

Download StumbleUpon Extension

6. Google Reader Notifier (by Google)

If you use Google Reader as your default RSS aggregator then you are going to love this extension. The Google Reader Notifier will alert you with a number badge on the icon to the number of unread feeds in your account. If you choose to get a preview of those feeds without having to visit the Reader page you can simply click on the Reader Notifier icon to display a dialog box with the title’s of the news feeds and their publishers. You can also use the Open Google Reader link to visit the Reader site.

Google Reader

Download Google Reader Notifier Extension

7. Chromed Bird

If you are on Twitter and love to update your status as well as check other tweets without leaving the page you’re on, then this is the extension for you. With a click of a button you will be able to access almost all of Twitters features without having to open a separate window or tab.

Twitter Bird Extension

Download Chrome Bird Extension

8. ChromeMilk

We all have tons of things to do and one way to organize all of those tasks is by using Remember the Milk, however you can further streamline your use of this awesome task management website by adding the ChromeMilk extension to Google Chrome. With this extension you don’t have to visit RTM to access your To Do list, you can do so from the dialog box that appears when the ChromeMilk icon is activated.

The extension allows you to browse, add tasks, and modify their status. Great addition for anyone who is constantly working on the web.

Chrome Remember the Milk Extension

Download ChromeMilk Extension

9. Google Dictionary (by Google)

Forget the visit to your dictionary or dictionary.com for that matter, simply double-click on the word whose definition you wish to discover and a small pop-up will appear with the definition and a link (More) to additional information about the selected word.

Google Dictionary

Download Google Dictionary Extension

10. RSS Subscription Extension (by Google)

This should be a default feature with any browser, but apparently optional with Chrome. The RSS Subscription Extension will automatically detect if there is a feed available from the website you are visiting. If present, click on the icon and a dialog box will appear that will allow you to choose the feed you wish to use, once selected then you will be given the option to choose the service that you use for your RSS reading needs. Very handy …should be a default feature in Chrome though.

RSS Extension

Download RSS Subscription Extension