YouTube Streams Egyptian Protests with CitizenTube


With Egypt being cut off from the Internet it has been difficult to get news out of the country, however with YouTube’s help, users can upload and stay on top of the situation in that country via CitizenTube. The CitizenTube channel on YouTube, is a political news channel, which YouTube is using to spread news and awareness about Egypt by allowing users to submit videos of protests or other important videos about the unrest in Egypt. This will allow people to go to a specific source, instead of search around all day on YouTube, to find videos about this important event.

Secondly, they are advertising these videos across YouTube through the banners on the top of the page and links on the side of videos. Here’s an example advertisement we found on the YouTube homepage.

Lastly, they are streaming live video of Al Jazeera’s broadcasts regarding the protests and unrest in Egypt in both English and Arabic. The stream can be found on both the English and Arabic Al Jazeera channels. The streams are found underneath the channel’s featured videos.

This isn’t the first time YouTube has given people direct video of worldwide events. In the past, YouTube has had similar coverage of both the protests in Iran and the Haiti earthquake.