Egyptians Getting Their Voice Back on the Internet


If you’ve been to any news source on the Internet or TV lately, I’m sure you’ve heard about the uprising in Egypt and how they’ve been cut off from the Internet. Google has also heard about the situation and has decided to make a move on it.

Over the weekend Google, along with Twitter and SayNow (the company Google acquired last week), took some time to help give the Egyptians a voice on the Internet. The service allows anyone to call and leave a voicemail on an international number. The voicemail will then be automatically tweeted with the hashtag #egypt on the Speak2Tweet page. The tweet also includes a link which is redirected to the SayNow website where the voicemail was recorded. It also includes a timestamp of the voicemail, play and pause buttons as well as sharing options. No Internet connection is required for this free service.

Egyptians can call one of the following numbers to get their voice heard:

  • +16504194196
  • +390662207294
  • +97316199855

This service Google is offering allows for Egyptians to be heard on the Internet once again. Please share this information with everyone you know, especially those in Egypt, so that their voices can be heard once again.